Published manuscripts

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Manuscripts under review

Busch, J. T. A., Watson-Jones, R. E., & Legare, C. H. (resubmitted). Cross-cultural variation in the development of ecological reasoning. Cognitive Psychology.

Watson-Jones, R. E., Busch, T. A., & Legare, C. H. (revise & resubmit). The natural and the supernatural: Reasoning about human origins, illness, and death in Vanuatu. British Journal of Developmental Psychology.

Manuscripts in preparation

Watson-Jones, R. E., Conroy-Beam, D., Legare, C. H. (in preparation). Evolutionary perspectives on the development of imitation.

Watson-Jones, R. E., Jea, I., Busch, J. T. A., & Legare, C. H. (in preparation). Individual differences in reasoning about the afterlife.

Legare, C. H., Watson-Jones, R. E., Busch, J. T. A. (in preparation). Conservation in context: A comparison of U.S. and Ni-Vanuatu views of the conservation of nature across development.